How I Afford To Travel The World In My 20’s

When you realize people die with the regret of not doing more, it drives you to live life to the fullest.  Even before death, if I waited until I was retired to hike the Annapurna Circuit, would my health be guaranteed? If I waited 50 years to see the glaciers in Torres Del Paine [...]

How I Put 10K In The Bank While Traveling Australia

Traveling, earning money and actually saving that money is not something you usually hear. But, I managed to save over $10k AUD while working and traveling in Australia. How? I entered Australia on a Working Holiday Visa that gave me the right to work for one year. The best part is that I only [...]

How You Can Earn Free Flights With Reward Credit Cards

Over the years I have become addicted to collecting credit card rewards points. I have already used 6 free flights, multiple hotel rooms and even got some cash back. By the time I leave Australia, I will have 3 one way international flight tickets that I earned free. How? Simply put, rewards points from [...]

How To Save Money For Travel: 7 Tips

I often get asked about how I am able to save money for travel which is probably the #1 issue holding people back from packing their bags and going on vacation. Saving money for traveling doesn’t need to be as difficult as it sounds. I simply took some time to analyze where I was wasting [...]