H2O Yoga Centre on Gili Air, Indonesia

When I walked into the H2O Yoga Centre it made sense why it was highly recommended place for yoga on the exotic and tranquil island of Gili Air. Nestled in the center of the island and hidden in the trees, it makes a great location for a quiet and peaceful practice. H2O Yoga Centre has two large open air studios, a cafe and accommodations on site. They offer daily asana classes, meditation classes and retreats open to all levels. Additional workshops and teacher training are also available.

The 5pm Hatha based class that I attended was focused on alignment and listening to your body. The class worked though several basic poses and really took time to explain the focus on muscle activation and body positioning. The teacher instructed us on how to use to use bamboo poles during poses to self check our alignment and offered great take away tips for my future practice. As you learn more about how your body works, you can learn to be your own healer and modify how you sit, stand and move to facilitate a greater range of movement, open up your body and create stronger muscles and healthier joints.

Towards the end of class there was a Tibetan singing bowl meditation that I really enjoyed. It was quite possibly the most relaxing part of my trip so far!

The cost of the drop in class at H2O Yoga Centre was 100,000 IDR for a 90 minuet class.


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