Kalibiru National Park: Finding High Places

Searching for things to do in Yogyakarta or Jogjakarta, I came across a picture of a person at Wisata Kalibiru National Park. They were hanging out on a platform that appeared to be high in the trees on a mountain side. The view was stunning and it caught my attention, I needed to check this place out! With a little googling, I found out that it is located in a small village close by so we rented a motorbike from a travel agency next to our guest house (they are everywhere) and set out on the road for Kalibiru National Park.

With a little googling, I found out that it is located in a small village close by names Wisata Kalibiru so we rented a motorbike from a travel agency in Yogyakarta next to our guest house (they are everywhere) and set out on the road for Kalibiru National Park.

Wisata Kalibiru National Park Tree Houses

Kalibiru is located west of Jogja in the Menoreh Mountains and is part of a sustainable and eco-friendly tourism development to help the rural economy and preserve the forest. Years back, the land had been stripped of its trees but the locals have fought back against deforestation and have committed to protect the land. Although it has taken decades, the forest is thriving once again!

a road with green fields on each side while driveing to kalibiru national park

Without a clue on how to get to Kalibiru National Park, I typed it in google maps and hoped for the best! The road leading into Wisata Kalibiru and up to the summit is quite narrow and very steep at points. An adventure all on its own! The scooter we were on had a hard time making it up a couple of the steep inclines and one where we had to get off and walk. This seems like a common road design in Indonesia, no need for switchbacks here. (read more about driving to Mt. Ijen) But, we eventually made it with the scooter in one piece with just a slight smell of burning… The drive took about an hour and google maps did a good job leading the way.

We made it to Kalibiru!

At the top, we were charged 2000 IDR ($0.15 USD) for Parking and 5000 IRD ($0.35 USD) for entry. The walk from the parking lot is even steeper, but only for a short duration as this point is basically the summit and the beginning of the tree house walk. The park offers many options for tourist including flying fox, repelling, climbing and of course, the platforms or “tree houses” which we were there for.

We arrived at platform #1 and bought tickets to climb for 15000 IDR ($1.05 USD). The wait was probably an hour and a half, which we had not expected. I climbed the ladder to the top and took some photos and enjoyed the view quickly before climbing down. We were only allowed to stay on the platform for a couple of minutes each, which after waiting for so long, was a little disappointing. But the view was spectacular, so enjoy it while you can, right?

mountain view a tree house from Wisata kalibiru national park

A professional photographer is available to take pictures, 5000 IDR each one you decide to buy. We could have taken pictures of each other from the same level as the photographer for free but our ticket numbers were one after another so we didn’t have time to switch. The photos that the photographer took were great though and worth the 35 cents each, although a higher resolution would have been nice.

How to get to Kalibiru National Park from Jogja:

  • Rent a motorbike for the day from the many rental shops. A scooter should cost around 40,000-50,000 IDR ($2.85-$3.60 USD) , check the level of fuel. Always haggle.
  • Follow Google maps or Maps.Me to get to Kalibiru National Park.
    Address:  Wisata Kalibiru, Hargowilis, Kokap, Kabupaten Kulon Progo, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55653, Indonesia.
  • Arrive early to avoid long lines and buy tickets while in the queue.
  • This area also goes by the name Wisata Alam Kalibiru.
  • Public transport and tours are also available and timetables can be found here.
view of the mountains from the platform

Best Times to Go

  • The park opens at 9am.
  • We arrived early in the day and the view was great.
  • Go late and enjoy the sunset at Wisata Kalibiru , I hear it is one of the most beautiful in the area!

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