Yoga at Blue Marine Yoga: Gili Air, Indonesia

After about a month of travel and constant movement, it was finally time to relax on the quiet Island of Gili Air, Indonesia. I was excited to find that there were two yoga studios on the island as it has been difficult to find a class in many places. Blue Marine Yoga especially appealed to me as it is the only seafront yoga studio, offering beautiful views of the ocean and the towering Mount Rinjani on Lombock Island.

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The class was held in a bamboo structure on the edge of the beach facing the ocean with breathtaking views of Lombok Island. The 4pm Vinyasa Flow class was an all levels class but was quickly adjusted to the level of each student practicing. There were several opportunities to advance the flow with handstands and the inversion breakdown during class was a forearm stand. Luckily, it is in my practice, so when I was asked to demo, I rocked it without even a kick. It felt good to get back into some advanced poses after traveling and taking a slight break from my asana practice!

The teacher/owner Maite was very welcoming and attentive. She clearly vocalized each posture and paid close attention to each student making prompt adjustments when needed. Her professionalism made me feel comfortable and allowed me to focus on my practice rather than be bothered by distractions.

The next day I came back to Blue Marine Yoga after having such a great experience the day before. The class this day was Yin Yoga, something I have not had much exposure to in the past. Again, the class was spectacular and I left feeling great. Yin yoga was exactly what I needed after all of the long flights, bus rides, train rides and the bone rattling speedboat ride to Gili Air.

Blue Marine Yoga offers morning and afternoon classes daily along with SUP Yoga and retreats. The owner mentioned that she will be separating the Yoga Studio from Blue Marine, which is a dive shop, in the future. Check back for updates! (September 2015)


100,000 IDR ($7.15 USD) for a 90 minuet class.


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