10 Best Tips to Save Money While Backpacking Australia

Backpacking in Australia is not a exactly a budget friendly destination but it is an epic place and must not be missed. If you are careful with your money, you can make it go far and if you are on a working holiday visa, you can save some cash for future travels! Check out these [...]

Cycling Sydney to Brisbane: Detailed Route

Cycling Sydney to Brisbane: Detailed Route Before I started riding, I had planned on cycling Sydney to Brisbane but in the end, I decided to only complete Sydney to Gold Coast. I did this because I found riding in and around major metro areas was not enjoyable for me due to the stoplights, [...]

Cycle Touring Australia: A Backpackers Guide

I first became interested in cycle touring after seeing cyclists in South East Asia. I was jealous, they went way off the backpacker trail which is no doubt a unique experience and I wanted in. When I arrived in Australia and found most people taking buses and trains up the east coast missing everything in [...]